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Mark Stegman

Financial Advisor
Experience: 28 years
Phone: 972.543.4800
Fax: 972.543.4801

About Mark

Mark has joined Insight Wealth Partners in 2021 after a 24 year career as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial. During his tenure there, his practice had achieved the distinction of being titled a “Platinum Financial Practice”. In addition to this, he was also awarded the prestigious “Client 

Experience award” that was awarded to only a minimal number of advisors at Ameriprise in it’s inaugural year 2020.

Mark has also been recognized for his commitment to helping his clients by being named as a recipient of the FIVE STAR Wealth Manager award program from the beginning of the program continuously each year through 2021. This was over 10 years of being recognized for helping others work toward and achieve their financial desires.

Mark’s education continues to be aligned well to help others with their financial desires. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Economics. He has continued his education by attaining the designation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP®).

One of the parts of this occupation that Mark enjoys most is keeping it personal with his clients. He gets to know each individual that he is working with on a more personal level and he hopes every client feels that same way. He enjoys being able to know each person’s situation so that when they call with a question, or they are in one of their scheduled meetings, he is able to pull from their situation, provide personal advice specific to their need, comfort level, circumstances and desires. He loves being able to use his creativity finding new and different alternatives to solving ways to help clients achieve their financial goals. This is his second biggest satisfaction in helping others.

Mark has varied interests which for now, focuses his spare time mostly around his family. He is married to his lovely wife, Danielle for over 17 years. They have three children: Noah, Dawson and Samantha. They also have a “zoo” that they are raising. Each member has their own dog for a pet (Henry, Maggie, Charlie, Kailani and Norman), one cat (George) for the entire family, several chickens, two turtles (Rose & Calliope) and a Salt-Water Reef fish tank.  Mark also has an apiary – to help with the bee population. Who knows what next year will bring?

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family: Traveling, skiing, watching community theatre, watching Power Lifting events (Noah), High School baseball (Dawson), High School dance team (Stingerettes – Samantha), working on projects around the house or spending time being a leader for the local Boy Scout troop (Troop 403) raise boys to be future leaders. Of course, this includes camping skills associated with tent camping- currently planning a trip to Philmont in the summer. With the recent purchase of a boat, water sports and hopefully fishing will take up some Saturday mornings.

The future is bright and he is looking forward to what is ahead for being able to help clients in new ways with new tools and for his family as they start to move beyond the High School years.

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