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Elyza Massey

Operations Specialist
Experience: 6 years
Phone: 972.543.4800
Fax: 972.543.4801

About Elyza

Elyza Massey is excited to have recently joined the Insight Wealth Partners team. Elyza has four years of experience as the Records Specialist for at a law firm in downtown Dallas. This experience has provided her with an excellent administrative skillset and the ability to provide professional service to the clients of IWP.

Elyza is highly organized and detail oriented. She thrives on hard work and enjoys the challenge of a project that requires careful research and planning to fully execute. She puts these skills to work at home, as well, in her favorite hobbies which include cooking, crafting, party planning, and flipping furniture.

Elyza and her husband Drake enjoy raising their two young children, Emersyn and Oliver. Their free time is mostly spent watching Disney movies, playing dress up, coloring, and going to the playground. Their house is always loud and never completely clean, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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